Furniture Repair Services

Domestic Furniture Repair

Wood and Veneer Surfaces

Common problems we encounter that need repairing include scratches, holes, damaged corners, water marks, burn marks, compression dents, veneer blisters and staining from sunlight. However, we can use our experience, technique and equipment to remedy all of these issues and provide a long-lasting, durable and attractive finish to all forms of wood.

Structural and Comfort Repairs

Restoring the structural integrity and comfort of furniture is the item’s foundation and we are proficient in repairing intricate antique damage as well as everyday wear and tear. We can repair all forms of damage to the frames of tables, chairs, beds, units and more and we can replace or repair damaged springs, webbing, padding and foam.

Leather, Vinyl and Other Fabrics

Gouges, cuts, discoloration through heat and light, spillages and other forms of damage can be repaired using carefully practiced techniques of colour matching, cleaning and painting or upholstery. We work closely with a variety of providers and can provide any fabric or colour you would like in high quality, durable condition.

Personalised Upcycling Projects

Using all of these methods together we can perform personalised upcycling projects on your furniture to revitalise and personalise the comfort, appearance and utility of your furniture-we have completed work on such things as jet-ski seating, golf course sign-posting, cast-iron baths and Hampden stadium seating and look to employ our problem solving to any unique issue that you may have.

You can view a short video showing a unique, amazing restoration on this eccentric 1970s egg chair, here, on our Youtube channel:

Commercial Furniture Repair

With experience contracting for John Lewis, JD Wetherspoons, Local Authorities and other organisations we offer the same expertise applied to smaller projects explained above to large scale operations on entire pubs or restaurants, offices, leisure centres, libraries and other commercial sites. We understand the logistics and considerations with regards to commercial projects and work closely with you to provide a personalised service that gives you exactly what you want.

We deliver on-site solutions to maintain the premises and the furniture which we understand is an asset to any organisation. We can extend the life of furniture, offer new styling, conduct regular reviews and offer dramatic results with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

You might be interested in another short video showing the full reconstruction of 15m of conservatory bench seating completed in our local pub, The JNKYRD, Hamilton:

Property Management and Trade Services

We support builders, letting agents, property management and removal companies and can offer convenient repairs to accidental damage on most surfaces.


We currently work with Direct Line group, John Lewis and other insurance providers to help assess insurance claims. We are experienced in assessing the value of an insurance claim and can help to advise what will be more cost-effective: claiming on your insurance or repairing the furniture.

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